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Benefits of pleated mesh windows and doors

Rainy season is the favorite season for most of the people and people like to enjoy a lot in rain. But along with enjoyment, people have to face the problems related to mosquitoes and other insects. These mosquitoes and other insects peeking from the windows and doors and if they find any place to enter inside the house, they will just come inside, which is a big-time problem to you. These mosquitoes, insects, lizards, etc. are quite dangerous for kids. People use various ways to get rid of from these insects and mosquitoes, but installing our pleated mesh on windows and doors is another best option to avoid such insects. These pleated mesh windows are also termed as screen window or insects screen or mesh system.

Pleated Mesh

Pleated Mesh

If you are planning to get your windows covered with such solution, here are the top reasons which help you in making the decision for our pleated mesh:-

  • The main benefit of pleated mesh for windows and door is that you get rid of from mosquitoes, by preventing them to enter through windows and doors.
  • Even this pleated mesh will not allow insects and lizards to get entry inside the house and make your house insects free.
  • After installing pleated mesh, you don’t have to burn any mosquito’s repellent coils and suffocate in its smoke.
  • These pleated meshes are made in customized ways which only enhance the beauty of your room.
  • It can be installed on wooden windows as well.
  • This gives you best outside view so that you can enjoy the beautiful view which you thought of, while creating your home.
  • This pleated mesh for windows and doors are easy to maintain and clean.
  • This pleated mesh is tested thoroughly before it became very popular and accepted by the majority.

As the rainy season has started and if you are troubled by the mosquitoes and other insects, then consider implementing our pleated mesh on your windows and doors. It will be the one-time solution to prevent mosquitoes from entering the house that will work last forever. Call us at +91 96 9494 9875 or visit our official store at 100 Ft Road, Shobhagpura, Udaipur.