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Tilt and Turn Window

Innovative window option for better ventilation

Tilt and Turn windows have openers that open inwards only. As well as opening fully, they have an alternative tilt mode that lets the opener tilt inwards approximately 100mm. When thinking about replacing your windows for these type of windows, you will need to have considerations such as window blinds, curtain rails and ornaments etc.

Basically, they serve two purposes which are as follows.

  • Tilt open from top – The design involves a handle that helps to manoeuvre the window by tilting it at an angle from the top. The result is a slight opening at the top that helps in the room’s aeration while the window remains in a semi closed manner.
  • The second purpose is that of regular casement windows. It lets in natural light but also seals the room from dust and pollution. When closed, the window ensures effective air conditioning. The window is sealed perfectly to the wall and the frame has no gaps at all, making them energy-efficient and giving you lower consumption costs.